Child Abuse affect us all. Here is one story by an anonymous writer.

"I knew she was in for trouble when she gave him that look, and when he grabbed her throat, I was scared, but I didn't think he would actually hurt her.

"My sister and I had recently moved into our new family - a widower step-father and his 7 children. She was a beautiful young woman with friends and boys chasing her all around our small town, and I was her geek little brother, excelling in all things unpopular and uncool. I had managed to avoid the fists which flew at my step-brothers for months by retreating into my own head, laying low, and hiding, no, erasing all emotion. I figured she was out of danger since she was a girl - I mean, no evil bastard would beat up a girl!

"I had quickly trained myself not to react when I saw him beating my 2nd and 4th grade brothers, putting heads through plaster walls, choking them until they stopped resisting, threatening their lives into submission. Reacting urged it on. 'I'll give you something to cry about.' 'Wipe that look off your face, or I'll wipe it for you.'

"I remember the feeling I experienced when I saw him put his fist to her face and watched the blood pour out of her nose and lips - my beautiful sister. How would she live with such fear and unhappiness? How would she face school, friends, life? I knew the meaninglessness of life - I wanted to die in the act of torturing and killing him. I split in two and lost myself entirely. The next thing I remember was staring up at an enormous booted leg which led from my neck to his head and the ceiling beyond. I heard him say, 'You will NOT call that number. They will carry you out in a body bag.'